Fall, Winter and Spring, Designated students in Grades 9 - 12

Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) is a nationally normalized assessment developed by the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA).  It is a computer delivered adaptive assessment that provides immediate results of student achievement and academic level. Farmington Schools administers MAP tests in reading and math in the fall to gather diagnostic data for teachers to use for instructional planning, in the winter for monitoring progress and in the spring to evaluate growth from fall to spring and from year to year.  The MAP tests are given to all students in grades 2 – 8 and some students 9 – 12. Teachers have access to results the day after the students test. Fall results are used to plan instruction. Spring results are used to monitor growth and achievement. More information about the NWEA MAP test.


Laura Wagner
Assistant Principal, Grade 9
NWEA Test Coordinator
[email protected]