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Counselor Contact Information

Barbara Walker (working with last names A-BL) 
[email protected] 
Telephone: 651-252-2543

Nathan Yager (working with last names Bo-F) 
[email protected]
Telephone: 651-252-2562

Katie Kelly (working with last names G-KL)
[email protected]
Telephone 651-252-2565

Alyssa Belko (working with last names Km-N) 
[email protected] 
Telephone: 651-252-2542

Jerry Pfau (working with last names O-Si) 
[email protected] 
Telephone: 651-252-2561

Chelsy Newman (working with last names Sk-Z) 
[email protected] 
Telephone: 651-252-2571

Megan Wagner (Chemical & Mental Health) 
Telephone: 651-252-2715

Kim Chambers (Counseling Assistant) 
[email protected] 
Telephone: 651-252-2517

Michelle Genske (Counseling Assistant) 
[email protected]
Telephone: 651-252-2516