Attendance Info

To report a student absence please call the appropriate attendance secretary.  If you are calling to excuse family members in different grades please call the younger student's attendance number.  A phone call is required in order to excuse any absence, we do not accept written notes or e-mails.  If you know about an upcoming absence for your student(s) please fill out the Absence Waiver Form online and it will be reviewed by your student(s) Assistant Principal. 

 Absence Waiver Form

9th and 10th Grade Students 11th and 12th Grade Students
Attendance Secretary:
Alex Otto
Phone: 651-252-2505
[email protected]
Attendance Secretary:
Theresa Wolfe
Phone: 651-252-2513
[email protected]
Assistant Principal (9th Grade)
Chad Olson
Phone: 651-252-2503
[email protected]

Assistant Principal (11th & 12th Grade)
Laura Pierce
Phone: 651-252-2512
[email protected]

Assistant Principal (10th Grade)
Jon Lund
Phone:  651-252-2511
[email protected]