Speech Team

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Speech & Theatre Website: http://www.fhsperformingartsandspeech.com/

Group Name is Speech, access code is H6FKM-S7VQT 

Look for speech pieces here: http://www.4n6fanatics.com

Beth Beckman, Co-Head Coach Rachel Bauman, Co-Head Coach
Phone: 651-252-2835 Phone: 651-252-2907
Email: [email protected]  Email: [email protected]

Assistant Coach: Jackson Groskreutz
Captains: Grace Paggen, Ashlyn Cox and Kat Kruse

Interested in improving your speaking skills? Performing skills? All around presence in front of people? Then speech is for you! Speech is a performance activity that provides students with that opportunity to speak and perform individually while competing as a team. Students perform their own pieces each Saturday at our weekly tournaments.

Why should you join speech? Hear it from FHS students here.

Categories include:
* Public Address: Informative Speaking, Original Oratory, Extemporaneous
   Speaking, Discussion, and Great Speeches. 
* Interpretation: Dramatic Interpretation, Prose, Poetry, Duo, Humorous,
   Program of Oral Interpretation (POI), Creative Expression, Storytelling,
   and Extemporaneous Reading.

Click here to view more in-depth descriptions of the categories.

To view video examples of FHS students performing their pieces, click here.

Join our speech course on Schoology! Course code: 8ZC8-HHPQ-7MSZNN

Practice Schedule: Room 3312 from 3:00-4:30
Mondays: Team Practice
Tuesdays: Individual Time with Coaches
Wednesdays: Individual Time with Coaches
Thursdays: Individual Time with Coaches
Fridays: Captain's Practice

For more information, check out our social media sites:
Instagram: speechdebate192
Twitter: @speechdebate192
Facebook: Farmington High School Speech and Debate