Class of 2022 Commencement Ceremony

Graduation Ceremony for the Class of 2022
Posted on 06/02/2022

Tomorrow is the big day for the FHS Graduating Class of 2022.  Our Commencement Ceremony will be OUTSIDE in Tiger Stadium at 7:00pm.  This means that there is no spectator limit and no tickets.  That being said, we expect it to be pretty packed so please pay attention to the below items if you plan to attend. 

Spectator Entry:

The doors will open at 6:00pm to enter the stadium.  No saving seats before 6:00pm.  Another option is to bring a blanket and sit on the hill as a family if you are not able to find enough seats all together.  Here is a map of the entry to the stadium as some of our normal gates are closed due to construction.


PLEASE CARPOOL tonight if you are attending.  Parking will be at a premium and it is going to be packed on campus.  Please DO NOT drive or park on any grassy areas or non-designated parking spots.  The handicap parking lot is at the southwest corner of the stadium on the ground level.  We do have limited parking there so if they are full you can still drop off and park elsewhere.  Here is a map of the allowed parking at FHS for the ceremony.

Live Streamed:

The ceremony will be live streamed on the Districts YouTube Channel like many of our other ceremonies these days.  The link to watch live events on the 

Conduct at the Commencement Ceremony

Commencement is regarded as the most formal of scholastic ceremonies.  Seniors are celebrating the completion of 13 years of education. Friends and relatives are coming to honor their achievement. We encourage parents and guests to participate in the ceremony in a very dignified manner. We would also ask that friends and family not bring whistles, aerosol horns or other noisemakers to the arena. The use of these items distracts from the dignity of the ceremony.

  • TOBACCO FREE — Farmington High School is tobacco free. Students and spectators are not permitted to use tobacco (including e-cigs) on the premises.
  • DISRUPTIVE BEHAVIOR — Is defined as including, but not limited to, loud and abusive verbal language — whether solicited or otherwise — or the unwillingness to respond directly or appropriately to directions. Actions such as these will be considered evidence of unruly behavior. Such conduct will be the basis for removal from the ceremony.

Looking forward to celebrating with you tomorrow in Tiger Stadium the Class of 2022!