Highlights at FHS - January Edition

Highlights at FHS - January Edition
Posted on 01/31/2021

Catch up with what is happening at Farmington High School by checking out Highlights, the new monthly (or so) publication recapping some of the great things going on.  With Farmington High School having over 2,000 students, we have things to celebrate almost every day.  Here is what has been happening so since the last update:

January has been a very busy month.  Not only have we communicated and begun preparing for a return to in person school, but we also have had a couple of pretty huge things happening at FHS.  Our teachers are extremely excited to get students back in the building.  

As we started to plan for our in person learning to return, FHS started to bring in some students this month for some in person, targeted support.  This has been going very well and it has been a nice step to bringing more kids in.  We announced too our timeline for bring all student back into the building for in person hybrid learning:

  • Feb. 12th - NO SCHOOL for students (Teacher Planning Day)
  • Feb. 15th - NO SCHOOL (Presidents Day)
  • Feb. 16th - First day back for Cohort 1 9th/10th Graders
  • Feb. 18th - First day back for Cohort 2 9th/10th Graders
  • Mar. 1st - First day back for Cohort 1 11th/12th  Graders
  • Mar. 3rd - First day back for Cohort 2 11th/12th Graders

In non-covid related news, FHS students began registering for classes for the 21-22 school year.  Of course we are all very excited to put this school year behind us and move forward.  What better way to do that than to sign up for next year classes.  Registration began on January 19th and will close on February 2nd. 

Despite being in distance learning, we continue to have staff think outside the box and inside their houses at ways to engage learners.   Two of those staff are Video Teacher Mark Toutge and Media Specialist Amy Sticha.  I encourage you to check out some examples of this in their videos below.  

  • Mark Toutge produces a Tiger News segment with students virtually.  He has found ways to allow for students to be creative and show their spirit in different ways.  Here is an example of a Tiger News from January: https://youtu.be/K9E1J1H-95o
  • Ms. Amy Sticha produces a segment called FHS Reads where she reads with and speaks with teachers at FHS about a book.  We share this out with students and staff each week.  Here is an example….check it out: https://youtu.be/G9XFI32uf8w

Last but not least, we have created some great websites for our parents and students to access resources.  Both have been popular and we will continue to add to them to share information and resources.  

The HUB: A site for all things hybrid and distance learning: https://sites.google.com/isd192.org/the-hub/home

The FHS Senior Guide: This is our first ever senior guide that provides a one stop shop for seniors and parents of seniors.  https://sites.google.com/isd192.org/fhsseniorguide2021/home